Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Fame At Last

There’s been a flurry of interest in my book over the last few days thanks to some free publicity from fellow tweeters and bloggers. So I must thank Scott Pack (@meandmybigmouth), Red Button Publishing and Caroline Goldsmith (@goldcaro) who tweeted mentions to their thousands of followers.

I must also thank fellow writer, blogger and metal detecting enthusiast John Winter who is Assistant Editor of The Searcher magazine (there’s a link to John’s blog over on the right). John kindly featured me in one of his occasional blogs about detector enthusiasts resulting in a spike in visits to this blog and some extra book sales. It also resulted in my being mentioned on the celebrated anti-detecting and antiquities collecting blog by archaeologist Paul Barford click here who used John’s blog highlighting a detector user in a positive light to provide a list of links to sites which mostly do the opposite – as they say, there’s no such think as bad publicity. I hope that Mr Barford’s blog also results in more hits and book sales for me.

Meanwhile we’re enjoying our usual hectic retirement schedule. On Friday evening we visited The Lemon Tree in Framlingham for a very good Jazz night with a performance by Frank Noble and his trio. We've seen Frank perform at The Lemon Tree several times and have enjoyed his performances immensely. A good value tapas menu and some fine local wines accompanied the music.

On Saturday we had a visit from our Goddaughter Kate and her husband Adam together with baby Amelia. It was good to see them all and to meet little Amelia for the first time.

It was an early start on Sunday as we headed up to Scotland. We made a diversion to Ribchester to see our friends Mark and Nita who provided a fabulous lunch before we got back on the road to St Andrews.

Now we are here in the caravan and trying to see as much of the grandchildren as we can. Rose has started nursery and is growing up so quickly. 

As always, blogging opportunities are limited while we are here as our WIFI providers Caravan Connect would be more appropriately named Caravan Connect If You’re Lucky And Nobody Else Is Around. And, as that is the case right, now I had better press publish quickly.