Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Week In St Andrews

It hardly seems like five minutes but we've been here at the caravan in St Andrews for over a week now and before we know it we will be getting ready to hit the road again for the return journey to Framlingham. The sun finally peeped out from behind its grey covering today after a dull, wet and cloudy week.

Although it's always sunny when we see these two. Melody will be one at the end of this week and she's growing up extremely quickly. Rose has had a year to get used to her sister sharing the limelight and the two are beginning to become good friends and playing together.

Sarah was doing some yoga training in Edinburgh at the weekend so we drove into the capital to see Duncan and the girls.

Rose loved a little playground we found tucked away in a back street.

 And I was fascinated to see the trams finally running after years of traffic disruption. The trams themselves are very modern and look very comfortable.

I spoke to my favourite Scottish farmer and asked if there were any fields available for me to try with the detector. He told me that one of my favourite fields (on which I have found some very nice ancient artefacts over the last year or two) was available.

But when I saw the height of the stubble I wasn't exactly excited at the prospect of searching the field - I had to hold the detector about six inches off the ground.

So it wasn't surprising that I didn't find a great deal.

Although I do feel that the only decent find (this ornamental buckle) has a lot of age to it and may well be of the Viking period. I have asked the museum in Edinburgh and will see what they say. 

We've been watching the X Factor again (gluttons for punishment I know). I wonder if this little lady will be entering thirteen years on from now.