Saturday, 27 February 2016

This Week's Finds

With Marion sick in bed, I went out with the detector for a little longer than usual this week and had three hours on Sunday and four yesterday out in the fields.

This was Sunday's haul.

And this was Friday's 
As always there were a number of copper coins
And buttons of course
And lead scrap. I really need to get this to a scrap man

But this was a first for me since moving to Suffolk

I'm pretty sure it is  a Roman brooch

Colchester type c45 ad. I know it's damaged but it's almost two thousand years old

And this was another first for me. It is a pilgrim's ampulla. 

Dating from medieval times it once contained holy water. This one is recorded as being from the shrine at Walshingham here in East Anglia

Unidentified object number 1 


A very nice shoe buckle. Probably Georgian

Tiny post medieval thimble

Drawer handle. Post medieval to modern.

Unidentified hammered silver penny 1


These are listed on the PAS site as sword suspension fittings c1500-1600

But this near identical loop found a hundred yards away

Makes me wonder if they should go together like this.

As you can see they seem to be a pair.

Unidentified object number two. Once heavily gilded. This perhaps is a sword suspension loop?

Victorian siver 3d

Good cloth seal or alnage

The other side showing William III c1694 onwards

I don't usually bother much with buttons but liked this with the greyhound's head.

Medieval strap slider c1400

Another alnage. Not identified but almost certainly 17th century

Unidentified knob.

The local archaeologist usually records these common copper rings as medieval.

Another nice button

And another

Good small pewter buckle. I reckon 17th to 18th century

Unidentified trader's token 17th century.

The other side

Medieval voided short cross half penny

Victorian farthing

Two lead spouts. Unidentified but perhaps from drinking vessels 

Post medieval buckle

Long cross hammered silver coin fragment


Probably a horse fitting or furniture fitting. Post medieval.

Unidentified object number three.

And unidentified objects four and five

Post medieval tobacco jar lid knob

Unidentified but probably a furniture fitting

Lead window came

The usual thimbles

Post medieval belt stud


Lead with an iron pin. Drawer knob? Unidentified object number six 

Lead. Possibly a weight or a gaming piece.

Post medieval possibly from a spur fitting

Another knob. Post medieval. 

Modern buckles 

Another nice button

Terminal.Purse bar? Late medieval?

Unidentified object number seven. I'm sure I've seen one of these before 

The usual musket ball turned up

Charles I Rose farthing

This look like a piece of scrap but I know that the archaeologist will be interested in it.

Modern ferrule

Another Charles I rose farthing

Unidentified object number eight. Lead with a nail through it?

Possible furniture fitting

If anybody has any ideas on any of the unidentified objects I would love to hear from you.