Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What Happened To Honesty?

We're still in Rochester at the moment lending a helping hand to Paul and his family but I had to pop back to Framlingham last night as we'd arranged with auctioneers Abbotts of Campsea Ashe to take some stuff in to their sale room. They've a regular weekly sale on a Monday and it's so popular that you need to book a slot weeks in advance. As I walked towards the car, which was parked on the main road, I noticed a wing mirror cover lying on the pavement. "Hmm" I thought "that looks ominously like my wing mirror". Sure enough I walked around to the driver's side to find this.

No note, no insurance details - nothing. As you can see, I was parked within a space and, although the mirrors protrude it's a main road with plenty of passing space. So I had to drive back to Framlingham with reduced visibility.

I got back to Fram, loaded the car to the gunnels with all sorts of stuff from the garage including these good Victorian items, some great garden planters and candle holders and much much more and went to bed. I took the load to Abbots first thing this morning and then headed back to Rochester via Toyota in Ipswich to sort out the mirror. It's going to be £278 to fix it which sort of negates the purpose of my drive home as, although the stuff I've taken to the auctioneers cost the best part of £1,000 I'm not expecting much more than £300 when all the charges have been taken off.  

I don't want to get on a soapbox here but what happened to honesty? I can understand ignoring perhaps a tiny scratch (although a brief apology under the windscreen would be welcome) but to leave someone with a bill for almost three hundred quid and no recourse to the insurance (excesses and no claims considered), is criminal. If someone took £300 from your wallet they would be a crook, what's the difference? I said no soapbox so that's the end of the matter but I would ask anyone to think twice about the consequences of their actions and ask themselves if they would be happy to be on the receiving end.

On a positive note I should get the proceeds of the sale of my Japanese collection in a couple of days. I've been thinking of replacing the car. It's quite amazing that the proceeds from these three little bits

of pottery could possibly buy this.

We'll wait and see. 

And if you want to grab a real bargain, get along to Abbotts of Campsea Ashe on Monday.

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