Thursday, 6 June 2013

Another Souvenir From St Andrews

Before we headed to St Andrews a couple of weeks ago we decided that, although it's one of our favourite paintings, The Race by PJ Crook looked a bit lost on the wall that we had chosen for it and we needed something a bit bigger to finish off the dining area.

After being so impressed by David Mackie Cook's exhibition at Fraser Gallery in St Andrews in November we thought it would be good to see if Roderick Fraser had any of DMC's pictures available in a size that would be more proportionate with the room. And I'm delighted to say that he did. We had a choice of five or six paintings but only two would look right in the room.

We went for this one of a spectacular foamy flecked sea. We think it's the perfect size for the room and looks much better in that spot than The Race.

That left us with having to find somewhere for The Race but with a bit of swapping around we found just the right spot in the hall.

I really love our paintings and it's a pity that we've no more room to hang any more. We'll have to store some in a cupboard and swap them around at different times of the year.