Monday, 17 June 2013

Una Boda En España

When we heard that my brother's daughter Lisa was getting married we were delighted; her boyfriend Brad is a charming young man and they make a lovely couple. When we discovered that the wedding was being held in Spain, I can't deny that I went into Victor Meldrew mode. Spain is far from my favourite country, after all the travelling we've done in the past twelve months, a 2,500 mile round trip to the Costa Del Sol was the last thing we needed and it was going to blow a considerable hole in the holiday budget. But I've only got one brother and he's only got one daughter so I realised that my cries of "I don't believe it" were a bit curmudgeonly and got down to planning the journey.

We headed to Gatwick on Thursday and stayed at a guest house that throws in parking for a small fee and drops you off at departures at no extra charge. 

On Friday we were in Spain staying in an apartment that my sister Julie found for us on the internet.

It was a well appointed self catering unit although the decor might not be to everybody's taste.

We arrived in Spain in time to meet up with my mum and my sister and niece Vicky and have a quick visit to Estepona in the afternoon.

And Puerto De La Duquesa in the evening.

We haven't seen Mum for a few months but she's doing extremely well for 87 and having great fun with her new iPad.

It was the big day on Saturday and we all headed to a hacienda in the hills for the outdoor ceremony beneath a cloudless sky with the Mediterranean shimmering in the background. It was a simple service followed by an excellent dinner al fresco accompanied by champagne and fine wines.

My brother Pete gave a touching father of the bride speech that had the audience reaching for their tissues and the guests were entertained by a live band and a disco that went on into the early hours.

We met Pete's granddaughter Emmy for the first time.

And Pete's wife Val had a wonderful day as Mother Of The Bride.

Marion looked stunning in her dress for the wedding and I was glad to have the opportunity to buy myself some new trousers and a shirt for the occasion.

An early evening flight on Sunday gave us the chance to have lunch at the old town of Casares in the hills overlooking the Costa Del Sol before heading to the airport and arriving home in Framlingham an hour after midnight.

It was a great weekend. It was good to catch up with Julie, Vicky and Mum and to see Pete and his family. I think it was the first time that we've all been together since Mum turned eighty.

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