Thursday, 20 June 2013

Man Of Steel? Man Of Noise More Like

We managed a trip to the excellent IMAX screen at Cineworld in Ipswich yesterday. We've missed out on the cinema lately as we've had so much going on but things have calmed down a little now and we've planned a cinema binge with another three outings planned over the next five days.

Like Superman, I'm a bit bionic now with my built in hearing aid. Having been to IMAX before I suppose I should have known to switch it off but I simply set it to minimum and ended up with my head pulsating in a way unexperienced since standing next to the amplifiers at a Strawbs concert in the late sixties. 

We both enjoyed Man Of Steel but that's as far as it  goes. It's all comic book action from start to finish and seeing it on an IMAX screen gave us the very best of the CGI special effects. There's not a lot going on apart from crash bang wallop. But it is superior crash bang wallop. There is a story of sorts - evil baddies from Krypton want to take over the world - and Russell Crowe is Superman's good dad spouting morality and benevolence - but its all just a good excuse to show spectacular spacecraft and a million explosions. Good fun but take your earplugs or leave your hearing aid at home. To sum it up in a word - BANG

Today I'm off to see something a little more sedate - John Sheeran's talk on Chagall at St Michael's rooms here in Framlingham. I've been to four of this series of talks now and I have learnt a lot about Bonnard, Kandisnky, Klee and Matisse. I think that today's is the last of this season's lectures and another starts in the autumn. If you are in Framingham they are well worth attending.

Tomorrow it's a trip to Bury St Edmunds to see a business person who I am mentoring under the Suffolk Chamber Of Commerce's scheme. I've volunteered to help businesses with management accounting and financial advice as it seems a pity to let my forty years of training and experience go to waste. I hope that they find it useful. 

After that it's a trip to Shire Hall to meet the county archaeologist and discuss recording metal detecting finds with him and then to the garage to pay for the new car. I'm looking forward to picking the car up on Monday and hoping to have a bit of comfort when we head up to Scotland next weekend.


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