Monday, 3 June 2013

It's Over

We're in Rochester today and for the next few days visiting our family but we briefly got back to Framlingham from Scotland on Saturday to find something that we had begun to think we would never see - the house project is FINISHED. Yes, whilst we were up in Scotland, Suffolk's finest decorator Gerald Clements had been to put some finishing touches to Marion's potting shed and painted the garden walls, DNA Landscapes' contractor had laid the new driveway and Addison Electrical had completed the garden wiring.

The shelf in the potting shed looked out of place.

So Gerald painted it and gave it a removable cover.

He also spruced up the paintwork which the contractors had left looking a bit shoddy

The grey walls are less obtrusive and go well with the bi-foding doors.

The lighting is a nice finishing touch to the garden

And there's finally room to both park the car and turn it round.

So, at last, almost eleven months after work first started on the house, we've done everything we planned (and quite a bit more). Here are some before and after photos - each pair taken from roughly the same spot.


So, that's it. Eleven months of hard work has finally come to fruition. The big question now is "what on earth am I going to find to blog abut in future?"

Don't worry, I'm sure I'll think of something.

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