Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Huge Thank You To Tony Of DNA Landscapes

Yesterday we saw an event that we thought was never going to happen - we signed off the garden with landscaper Tony of DNA Landscapes. 

It was Christmas Eve when we gave Tony the go ahead to start to landscape the garden and it was hoped that work would start in early January and be completed by early March. Tony started on time but a combination of terrible weather and our adding more jobs to the schedule (fencing, a path to the side and landscaping the front) saw us waving him off just yesterday; although, in fairness, the work was completed a couple of weeks back.

I suppose it was a bit ambitious of us to imagine that a job like this could be done in eight weeks in the middle of winter but the finished project was well worth the wait and Tony (sometimes assisted by son Carl) has been exceptionally thorough in carrying out the work. He is a true professional and a perfectionist who insists that every single aspect of the job is completely spot on. If any materials did not reach his standard he rejected them and I think that his attitude to quality rather than speed reflects well on the finished job.

Although many of the following photos have appeared on this blog before they haven't been on the same day and the sequence shows how the work progressed.

Not forgetting the front too.

So it's an enormous thank you to Tony who I think convinced several of our neighbours that he was moving in after five months. I've no idea how many trips he did to and from his home in Felixstowe but he probably found himself heading to Framlingham on autopilot by the end of the project. Although he underpriced some items in his original estimate as some prices went up, he didn't ask us to make up any of the difference (although we certainly didn't let him be out of pocket). Unlike some landscapers we have used in the past, he never asked for a penny in cash; he provided VAT receipts for everything.  We can't recommend him highly enough.