Friday, 7 June 2013

My Faith In Human Nature Restored

I had a moan on this blog the other day about the driver who destroyed my side view mirror and drove away without leaving a note and leaving me with a bill for £278 to replace it. "What happened to honesty?" I asked.

Well, I'm sitting at home today, four days after the incident, and the phone rings. "Is that Mr Brassey?" the voice asks and I'm immediately in unwanted sales call mode and ready to ring off at the earliest opportunity. The caller continues to talk about an accident that occurred on Tuesday and I'm intrigued. How does this unknown cold caller know that my car was involved in an accident on Tuesday?

Well, it seems that the person who carelessly smashed my mirror reported the "accident" to her insurers and told them about the damage to my car and provided my number plate. The insurers were contacting me to tell me that they accepted their client's full responsibility and, if I sent then the bill after paying it, they would reimburse me. What a surprise and what a completely unexpected bolt from the blue.

So, instead of asking what happened to honesty I should now celebrate that there are still honest people around and thank the subject of my criticism for doing the right thing and sorting out this reimbursement. 

Of course I could be cynical and say that with so much damage to her own car the driver had to report the accident and provide the details of the car that she hit, but I wouldn't say that would I?

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