Friday, 9 September 2011

Wii Thick

A bit of bad weather today meant that, after babysitting Rose over a cup of coffee at the Fairmont Hotel (it's a hard life) while Sarah had a well earned half hour at their gym we were confined to the caravan for the afternoon. So we decided to set up the Wii and have an hour or two game playing. We thought that we would try a new game "Create" that was a Christmas gift from son Paul. According to the box it is suitable for ages 5 upwards but after an hour we were tearing our hair out in consternation as we hadn't a clue what we were doing. I think we must just be thick or maybe we are too old. We'll persevere and perhaps the penny will drop tomorrow.

The sun came out again at four so I went off again on the bike and did the same circular route as yesterday. This time I tried to keep in the hardest gear to try and get the most benefit from the exercise and I have to say that I managed pretty well. That's something that I wouldn't have been able to do on our last visit so my fitness must be looking up.

This was the sight that met me when I returned. Marion was still using the Wii. This time she had the Wii Fit board out and was performing aerobics in front of the telly in her pyjamas. According to the Wii she is dead fit (I already knew this) and has a Body Mass Index in the perfect range. I daren't get on it as, although I am over two stone lighter than I was eighteen months ago, my little Wii Mi still blows up like a balloon and makes out that I am some sort of fatty.

With both son Paul and his wife Josephine working in game show development I have been interested in this week's Simon Cowell juggernaut Red Or Black. Hailed as the best thing since sliced bread in the pre show publicity it turned out to be little more than a variation on the game played after the speeches in some of those dreadful black tie dinners we endured while working at Instanta. That game, Heads Or Tails involves all the guests standing up and choosing one or the other while the compere tosses a coin. Losers sit down and the game continues. Last one standing wins the prize. Yawn, hardly inspirational stuff and indeed a pilot was made years ago by ITV with Bran Conley but didn't make production. I see that it is pulling a lower audience share than Paul's "The Colour Of Money" did for its first four shows and yet Cowell claims that it is being sold to the USA and a new series is on the cards. Money breeds money I suppose.

Whilst on the subject of game shows, don't forget to tune in to ITV1 on Sunday evening for Josephine's "Holding Out For A Hero" hosted by Gethin Jones. It promises to be a great show. Don't miss it.