Friday, 2 September 2011

I'm Shocked

I subscribe to a brilliant Internet service called Front Pages Today. It costs nothing and every day I get an email with a snapshot of all of the major UK newspapers’ front pages together with those of The Wall St Journal and a few regional rags. But this morning saw me spluttering into my Weetabix as I opened the email and saw today's front page news in The Daily Star "B BRO BABES THREE WAY ROMP". The shortening of Big Brother to B Bro in down with the kids text speak was bad enough but it really is coming to something when a supposedly national newspaper fails to use an apostrophe in their headline. How many "babes" were involved in the three way romp. I suppose that the accompanying photo may have held a clue but I was shocked by this terrible grammar. What is the world coming to? 

By the way if you want that daily email simply visit and subscribe.

I was able to read those headlines over breakfast because Caravan Connect have finally beefed up the Wifi at our caravan park and I am able to browse away to my heart's content which, after buying a Toshiba PVR to allow us to pause live TV completes the final piece in the caravan jigsaw puzzle and makes it as well equipped as we could hope. We're here for a couple of weeks again as tomorrow we are having a celebration for granddaughter Rose. It's like a christening but without the christening bit.

Once again we are indebted to our friend Jan Harbon for creating another  magnificent celebration cake for us. Jan pulled out all the stops to make this enormous cake at short notice and even got up at five in the morning to allow us to collect it early yesterday before driving up to St Andrews. This single photo does not do justice to the beautiful cake and I will post some more with the blog on the celebrations.

It's been a busy week on the culture front as Wednesday night saw us at the Echo Arena in Liverpool to see Dolly Parton with her enormous repertoire. Dolly performed for almost three hours with just one short break - not bad at all for a sixty five year old. It was Marion who persuaded me to book for this show and I have to admit that it was a very entertaining evening. One bad note was Salt House Tapas which I have praised on here so many times. I booked a table for a pre show meal but was disappointed to be seated in a cramped upstairs table way away from the bustle of the restaurant. As one of only three couples who bothered to book I would have thought that a decent table would have resulted. Not only was the table poor but the food fell well below the usual high standard. This may have been due to the numbers going to the show but a good restaurant should be able to cope. It won't stop us going back but the halo certainly slipped this time.

The other cultural? event of the week was Final Destination 5 at the local Vue. We've seen most of this franchise and yes they are all the same but I have to say that the 3D opening credits - a sequence of shattering bloodied glass - were quite spectacular and as good a use of the 3D technology as you will ever see. Even arch 3D critic Mark Kermode would find it hard to fault this one. The final credits too used the medium well. As for the bit in between, a hundred and one ways to come to a sticky end,  squelch, yeuch, eurghh, blood, gore all in the best possible taste and with tongue firmly in cheek.

Another regular service I subscribe to is Unruly Medias viral video chart. Here's one from today's list. Have a great weekend.

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