Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Farewell St Andrews. It's been good.

It's time to say goodbye to St Andrews again. It only seems five minutes since we arrived here for Rose's party but two weeks have flown past. We're going to miss our caravan and our family.We had a little dryer weather than we had in August but gale force winds prevented it from being a perfect fortnight and we weren't able to get out and about as much as we would have liked and the bikes and metal detector did not get the use that we had hoped - maybe next time (in November). Knowing the British weather this year that's not as daft as it sounds.

At least the sun shone today and allowed us to cycle the four miles up hill to the Michelin starred The Peat Inn for lunch. With both the gradients and the wind against us we really earned that lunch. The restaurant certainly lived up to expectations. The food was beautifully presented (how's that for the crackers to go with the cheese?) and quite delicious. Portions were small but packed more taste than a plateful of most restaurant offerings in every morsel. I said to Marion that a yellow vegetable tasted like beetroot and wondered what it was. Golden beetroot was the answer. You don't get that every day. My meal was wood pigeon, followed by rump of lamb and a fabulous chocolate and pear dessert. Marion had a cheese starter, pork loin and rice pudding. We shared a cheese selection to end with. You might think that sounds a lot for lunch but each course was extremely light and there was no question of us over indulging. If you get to Fife do try and give it a look.

Here's a smile that we're going to miss. As I said last week on the blog, Rose is a very happy little soul. She has an infectious chuckle and I think she's going to have a wonderful sense of humour. I wonder how she will have changed the next time we see her in six weeks.

I'm certainly enjoying grandparenthood and can't wait to be able to read to my grandchildren. Perhaps when my novel has been rewritten I'll start on some stories for kids. Trouble is time. I can't understand how little time we have. Seeing that we were both working a thirty five hour week this time last year, the lack of free time is one of life's mysteries. But it's not one that I'm going to worry about.

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