Friday, 16 September 2011

New Specs Same Old Decorators And Roller Coaster Real Estate

A busy day today. Fresh back from Scotland we had some catching up to do and a fair bit of tidying up too as our hall landings and stairs were being decorated while we were away. Its not finished (surprise) but we are assured that it will be when we get back from Italy (I won't hold my breath). As they are doing it for free I can't complain too much although I would rather that the massively expensive decorating job hadn't gone wrong in the first place. First job today was to pick up my new specs from David Myers. They're quite fancy don't you think? Although the same make as my last two pairs, they are a lot different with much wider frames than before. I had my hair cut too this morning. It's a worrying aspect of getting older that every hair cut seems to take a little less time.

I phoned my 85 year old mum to wish her well before she heads off to Spain for a month or two. She tells me that she was a victim of those strong winds that hit the country on Tuesday and Wednesday. The wind blew the money that she was withdrawing from a cash machine out of her hands and in an attempt to catch it she fell and now has a humdinger of a black eye. Mum is notorious for wearing inappropriate heels but she assures me that she was wearing flat soles. I suppose that falls, along with fast haircuts are another symptom of ageing. At least a black eye will heal a lot easier than a fractured bone.

There are so many films that we want to see out on release at the moment. We only managed one trip to the cinema while in St Andrews as they don't have a huge choice of films there but tomorrow we are going to the local Vue to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. An extremely rare five star rating from The Guardian today means we've got very high expectations. Hope we aren't disappointed. Looking forward to it.

The news has all been economics for the past couple of months. I've said on here before that I'm fed up with all the negativity in reporting. The stock market has gained a fair few percentage points this week but there have been none of the banner headlines that would have accompanied an equivalent drop so no surprise there. 

House prices seem to be out of the news here compared to how they were in the past but in the USA they are still big news and someone put together this fascinating way of illustrating how they have gone over the past hundred plus years.

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