Thursday, 8 September 2011

Just Three Nights Before Holding Out For A Hero

Only three nights now before Holding Out For A Hero airs on ITV1 (and ITV1HD). Excitement is mounting here in St Andrews as this is yet another show created by our daughter in law Josephine who has already had recent success with Nick Knowles' Perfection for BBC and the currently in production Sorority Girls which should be shown in the autumn on  E4. We hope that the show is the huge success that Josephine deserves. I have been reading presenter Gethin Jones' tweets on the show and he is very upbeat about it. We usually have a party to celebrate Paul and Joesphine's show launches but we've got nobody to invite and will have to do with a bottle of champagne and some nibbles in the caravan.

Mind you we are not entirely alone here at Craigtoun Meadows this week. Although none of the caravans in our little corner of the park has been occupied since Sunday, I looked out of the car window as we set off this morning and spotted two small brown creatures. Initially (and inexplicably) I remarked to Marion that there were a couple of wallabies by the trees but on close inspection they turned out to be baby deer. You won't spot them in this photo as it is but if you click to enlarge you should be able to see them. What with the rabbits and all the birds we are living in a veritable wildlife haven. 

We did our own bit of heroics again this morning as we went on a ride as a recce for our planned trip to the famous Michelin starred Peat Inn, Scotland's Restaurant of the Year in 2010. It only took us just over thirty minutes and most of that was up hill but the views were well worth the effort. The food will be just reward for our pedalling when we return next week although I don't know if bicycle clips and helmets will be appropriate wear in such a fine establishment.

I went on another ride this afternoon. Again the scenery was glorious and I discovered a great circular route that is a bit of an effort to start with but ends with about a mile of freewheeling downhill on a very straight road ending up travelling at quite some speed. With all that riding and fresh air I reckon I will sleep extremely well tonight. 

A friend sent me a link to a great Flash Mob video. I won't put it on the blog today as it will be more fitting for another blog. However it got me searching for flash mobs on YouTube and what with today's sightings of deer and bunnies I thought that this might be appropriate.

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