Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Great Welcome For Rose

It was a busy day at Doocot Road here in St Andrews on Saturday when Sarah and Duncan held a celebration party to welcome our granddaughter Rose. Over sixty friends and family came to join the celebrations and Rose behaved impeccably throughout and was awake for much of the proceedings so all the guests had a chance to meet her. Everybody remarked on what a wonderful cake Jan Harbon had made for the occasion, it didn’t only look fabulous but also tasted great too although it looked so good it was a shame to cut into it.

 There was plenty to eat and drink and we only had enough left over for a few snacks on Sunday and Monday.

It was so nice for us to see our son Paul who we hadn't seen for months. He made a flying visit to meet his niece for the first time and they both scored a big hit with each other. He and Josephine (who was sadly unable to make it due to work commitments) bought Rose some fabulous books that she will love as she grows older. (Paul and Sarah did).

My sister Julie flew in from Spain for a couple of nights.

And my mum was able to catch a train up to Leuchars to see her first great grandchild - another is on the way soon.

Sarah, Duncan and Marion worked extremely hard to make sure that everything ran smoothly whilst I felt a bit guilty for escaping most of the hard work by driving backwards and forwards to Edinburgh airport to pick up the family. Marion did manage to get a few moments with Rose.

Now that the celebrations are over, we have time to start relaxing for the rest of our time here in the caravan. I had a couple of hours out with the metal detector yesterday but got bogged down by so much mud that I ended up with my super lightweight detector weighing a ton and my wellies feeling like I was wearing platform soles. The weather is looking changeable so we can't get out on the bikes at the moment but fingers crossed it will pick up soon and we can make the most of our stay.

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