Thursday, 1 August 2013

On Our Bikes

I knew that our buying bikes in the middle of a heat wave would put a jinx on the weather and, sure enough, whilst the glorious days continued after we bought them, the rain set in as soon as they were delivered. But I'm glad to say that we couldn't make any excuses not to use the bikes today as there was not  a cloud in the sky from the minute we got up - we were even able to breakfast in the garden.

As it was Marion's first outing on a bike this year we decided to take it easy and planned a short ride through local villages ending up at the often recommended but yet untried White Horse at Easton for a sandwich. 

Our first stop was at the beautiful and ancient church in Parham which is huge inside for such a small village. It indicates that it was once a more heavily populated place. 

Unfortunately I underestimated our cycling speed and we arrived at the picturesque Easton too early for that sandwich so headed off to Earl Soham via Kettleburgh and Brandeston.

I tried to take an action photograph of Marion cycling by riding ahead and holding the camera out and pointing it behind me but ended up with a shot of myself. However it worked on the second attempt.

I wouldn't recommend doing this on a busy road but with a clear road ahead and no traffic about I don't think that I was putting any lives at risk. 

From Earl Soham it was back to Framlingham via quiet lanes. 

It looked positively continental on Market Hill when we arrived so, instead of continuing home, we popped into The Crown for a well earned cider and a very tasty fish platter. 

We cycled for  about two hours - not exactly the Tour De France but good enough for a healthy work out and not too much to put us off doing it again very soon.

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