Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Few Miles Too Far

We took advantage of the continuing glorious weather today to get out on our bikes again for the last time before we head off to Scotland for the imminent arrival of grandchild number three. I said on the last blog that our ride was enough to feel that we had done some riding but not too much. Today I think we pushed that just a little too far as we chose to ride to Orford. It's about 17 miles by the route we chose and it was a very pleasant ride there. It took us under two hours and, apart from the occasional enormous piece of farm machinery, the roads were fairly quiet.

We stopped at the Orford quayside for a well earned drink and a home made sausage roll and cake before heading back along a slightly different route through Tunstall Forest. We did well but started to flag about half way back and by the time we reached Great Glemham we were pretty tired. But we carried on and managed to make it home in about the same time as the outward journey. This shows that about 34 miles is our limit at the moment. Perhaps when we get back into our normal routine and get back to the gym (we've not been since May despite paying £55 per month) our fitness will improve and we can look at some 40 mile round trips. 

When we got back there was a memory stick in the post from the wonderful Orwells of Ipswich who fitted our kitchen. They came to take some promotional photos a couple of months ago and promised us some copies. I think they are fantastic although I am not sure about the male model.