Wednesday, 31 July 2013

To Ipswich To The World's End

There was a change of plans today as our child minding stint in Rochester was postponed. So we found ourselves with time on our hands and, after doing a pile of ironing, we decided to head to Woodbridge and get some of the miniature paintings that we bought at Westhall on Sunday framed. 

It was pouring with rain - ideal for a trip to the cinema - so we looked for something light and decided on The World's End which was showing at Cineworld down the road in Ipswich. It felt like the world's end when we arrived at the multiplex and found it heaving. It seemed that half the parents in Ipswich had, like us, taken the rain as a prompt for a movie trip and it was bedlam in the foyer as they queued with their kids for tickets for Monsters University and Despicable Me . Fortunately buying online (well done Cineworld no booking fee plus discount for members), we bypassed the mayhem and went straight in to the screen.

We like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and loved Shaun Of The Dead. Hot Fuzz was okay. The cast of The World's End includes Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, Martin Freeman and Rosamund Pike which is a pretty strong line up by any measure. The screening was full but we were about forty years older than 99% of the crowd which perhaps suggests that we are not quite the target audience Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright were aiming for. I would love to say that it was hilarious but I'm afraid that it was more "alright" than "great". 

Pegg plays his Peter Pan role as Gary King a forty year old looking to recreate a pub crawl that he and four friends failed to complete in their home town of Newton Haven when they were just eighteen. His friends now have respectable middle class lives but alcoholic King hasn't changed. He just wants to have fun and he persuades them to (reluctantly) join him. Like Shaun Of The Dead there's a lot of chasing and being chased as they discover that the inhabitants of Newton Haven are not quite what they seem. There are plenty of pretty corny jokes and some visual slapstick but I wouldn't go to the world's end to see it.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is good. Perhaps we'll be able to get out on our new bikes for the first time.

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