Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Perfect Timing For A Suffolk Sahara

We're thinking of selling the Prius. We've had it for over three years now and we piled on the miles last year during our regular round trips between St Andrews and Framlingham. We've also been doing a hefty weekly mileage on our child minding trips to Rochester. Most of the piling on of the miles will be finishing shortly and now that we have a second car we can think of a sensible replacement for the Toyota. So, in anticipation of selling, I booked a valet a few weeks ago and yesterday Tony from Autogleam in Stowmarket  came and polished it until it shone like new inside and out. To make his journey more profitable for him I asked him to give the new car a wash too.

So, at about four o'clock yesterday we had two cars sitting on the drive and gleaming like new.

A couple of hours later were doing a bit of pottering about in the garden when we heard the rumble of machinery. In the distance I could see a combine harvester and accompanying truck running through the wheat fields - an idyllic late summer Suffolk scene little changed from when Constable painted his Hay Wain (apart from replacing the cart with the combine harvester).

We're new to this country living and we didn't quite appreciate the speed at which these modern agricultural monsters do the job. Less than half an hour later they had reached the field adjoining the garden.

And with them came dust clouds like a Saharan sandstorm. 

I can't complain. I love the view of bucolic life from our garden and I suppose a bit of dust is a small price to pay to be living within touching distance of the countryside.

Mind you the £100 plus paid for the valeting was not exactly money well spent. The cars looked pristine for all of five hours and it took half an hour this morning to (not particularly effectively) shift the dust. Talk about perfect timing!