Friday, 2 August 2013

The Big Match

Our local team Framlingham Town FC or The Castlemen was celebrating 125 years of existence yesterday and nearby Championship giants Ipswich Town kindly sent along a youth team for a presentation match sponsored by our friendly local The Crown Hotel.

It was a glorious evening and the carnival atmosphere was bolstered by the MC playing Bob Marley tracks over the PA. With Bob jamming and a sunset like this I felt that one of the killer bees from the beach bar in Nevis would have been more appropriate than my half time cup of tea. 

I didn't win the fantastic raffle prize of a wheelbarrow full of drinks and I had to smile when the PA announced that parked cars were blocking the road and a pea viner was unable to get past - this never happened at Anfield.

No I didn't know what a pea viner was either but I imagine that the cars backed up behind it had plenty of other names for it by the time it eventually got moving about half an hour later.

As for the match, the Castlemen put on a brave display but the very talented young Ipswich side didn't give them any time on the ball and camped out in our half for most of the game. This free kick was as near as we came. 

We did have a couple of corners but Ipswich rubbed it in with a final score of 7-0. Youngsters eh! Don't they realise that when you come to celebrate a team's 125th anniversary you aren't supposed to try and score 125 goals? And perhaps you might just let one slip in instead of making a respectable 0-5 score turn into 0-7 with two goals in injury time.

It was good to hear my neighbour Bernard being praised for his work on the pitch and I have to say the playing surface was as good as any that you're likely to see. Well done Bernard - ever thought of a robot mower?

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