Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Waiting For Bob

We're up in St Andrews again after almost two months away. We're here waiting for the arrival of "Bob" - granddaughter Rose's name for her soon to arrive little brother or sister. We thought that we'd left the glorious weather behind us in Framlingham but, as you can see from this photo, summer is still lingering on here in Fife too and this afternoon we spent a pleasant afternoon at nearby Allan Hill farm shop and children's play area which overlooks the town.

Rose is really growing up. It may only be seven or eight weeks since we were here but in those few weeks she has grown taller and her talking has developed in leaps and bounds  - we thought she was doing well stringing eight or nine words together in July but she can now converse fully.

I am pleased with this iPhone photo of her at play.

When we got back from the trip out Rose demonstrated the new double buggy to us. This is where she'll be sitting with "Bob" next to her. As for "Bob" - there's no sign of him or her just yet but we're ready. We're like a couple of firemen waiting for a call or two RAF pilots waiting to scramble. It means no drinking when we get back to the caravan in case we have to drive to look after Rose so perhaps we'll lose a bit of weight if Bob doesn't arrive on time at the weekend.