Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Not So Fine Dining In St Andrews

Whenever we visit the caravan we try and treat ourselves to a meal out at least once during our stay. I was about to book for our usual favourite when I spotted some terrible recent reviews on TripAdvisor. Any restaurant or hotel can get the odd poor review and, provided the general trend is good, we tend to ignore the isolated grumble. But these reviews posted over the last few weeks were very bad indeed and we felt that we shouldn’t risk wasting a considerable sum if something is amiss there.

So we tried somewhere new; at least new to us. I’m not into criticism so I’m not going to name the restaurant but, whilst it had a lively and buzzing atmosphere, the food was decidedly average and we won’t be heading back in a hurry. At £65 for two including a glass of wine each it was not the cheapest venue in town - we’ve had far better meals in St Andrews at half the price. So it was a case of out of the frying pan into the fire. We avoided the risk of disaster at our favourite place but didn’t enjoy the substitute. We’ll be reading the Trip Advisor reviews with interest next time we’re here in September.

Today we discovered somewhere new when we went with Sarah and Rose to Craigtoun Country Park. It adjoins Craigtoun Meadows Holiday Park where we are sited but it was not open last year as far as I am aware. It’s a very pleasant park with a playground, boating, putting and plenty of other stuff to keep families amused and we had a very enjoyable couple of hours there in warm sunshine.

Our fortnight here is drawing to a close. It’s been very hot and sunny and I believe that there’s been similar in Framlingham. I just hope that after all the time and effort that Tony from DNA Landscapes put into landscaping the garden, our gardener has managed to keep everything alive. We’ll find out on Monday.  

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