Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Nanny And Granddad's Big Adventure

When we were round at Sarah’s and Duncan told Rose that she would be coming to stay with us at the caravan for a night on Sarah’s birthday, wild excitement ensued. When Marion had calmed down, all the arrangements were put in place for Sarah and Duncan to go to the lovely Fairmont St Andrews Bay hotel for a day of spa treatments and a night in luxury accommodation while we had our first experience of looking after a two year old for almost thirty years.

Sarah looked great on her birthday. She’s expecting our next grandchild in just two months but she’s still busy both taking yoga classes and instructing them. She deserves the break.

We took Rose away from the hotel at lunchtime and headed back to Craigtoun Meadows for the fun packed afternoon Marion had planned. It started with a trip to the playground where Rose promptly fell asleep in her buggy and remained flat out for the next two hours.

When she awoke she was freshly invigorated and we enjoyed all the delights that Craigtoun has to offer.

Rose played on all the playground slides and swings.

Then we walked the woodland trail hunting for rabbits but only managed to find lots of pinecones.

From the woodland trail we went to the games room where Rose had a look at the racing game and was then fascinated by half a dozen little girls playing on the dance machine. Rose’s version of the dance was both energetic and original.

A day out with grandparents has to include a treat, so we headed to the famous Janetta’s Ice cream Parlour in St Andrews for some ice cream. Rose managed very well and didn’t make a big mess.

By now we were all exhausted and it was time to head back to the caravan for tea and bedtime. 

As it doesn't go dark here at the moment until after we had to improvise some blackout's for Rose's window.

We all had a great day. I hope that Sarah and Duncan didn’t spend all of their break worrying but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

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