Wednesday, 17 July 2013

It Was 37 Years Ago Today

It hardly seems five minutes but it's thirty-seven years ago today that we walked down the aisle (if that's what they had in Chatham Register Office) and tied the knot. It was a scorching day in the famous summer of 76 - a summer of near constant sunshine. As things are going at the moment perhaps we will have a repeat of that year as we must be close to 30 degrees here in Framlingham today.

We would never in a thousand years have predicted that we would be spending our 37th anniversary in this lovely little town but we have had a good day sorting out a new accountant and then looking at the local shops. Marion bought some new stuff in the excellent lingerie shop (sadly closing soon) some jewellery in H-P's Emporium and a lovely smock at Ruby Tyger - as I've said before on here we are blessed with some good shops for a small town. Tonight we're looking forward to a celebration meal at Lemon Tree Bistro.

I wrote yesterday about our visit to David and Janet Wareing. Here's Dave as my best man on that day. He's not changed a great deal.

Sadly only my mum (far left) remains of our parents who all looked so young in 1976.

Marion's beloved dad had a very happy day.

But most of all it was about us.I've had a wonderful thirty-seven years. It would be great if we could manage to make it to another.