Thursday, 7 March 2013

Steady Progress

We've seen steady progress with the work going on at the house this week.

The new shelving in the lounge is ready to start using and the lads from Anson Timberworks have made good progress with my new garden office and Tony's landscaping of the garden continues apace. 

The timber for the office arrived last Friday.

By Tuesday the frame and windows were in place and the base for the paths was complete.

And by today the office was completely clad. It's watertight but still needs the roof completing and the internal electrics doing. We had hoped to move the furniture into it this week but that's no longer a possibility and it will have to wait as we are heading to St Andrews to visit the family on Saturday.The coping on top of the dwarf walls is also in place.

Marion's beach hut style potting shed is nearly finished too. 

It won't be a minute too soon when the work is finally done as the constant stream of lorries, vans and workers and the resultant noise and dust is testing the patience of some of the neighbours. We feel very guilty about this but once it is finished in about five weeks time there will be no more work and peace will finally return to this corner of suburbia after nine months of renovations. We hope that it hasn't strained things too far as the aim was to enjoy a peaceful retirement in friendly surroundings.