Friday, 22 March 2013

Heading Back

Weather permitting we're off back to Suffolk tomorrow. I say weather permitting as I'm hearing horrible things about what's in store between Fife and Cumbria tomorrow and as I write there's a near hurricane blowing outside the caravan and the trees alongside us are swaying to a precarious degree. 

When we set off northwards two weeks ago I envisaged a fortnight of walks, perhaps a cycle ride to Tentsmuir Forest and maybe a few hours out with the metal detector in balmy spring sunshine but none of those was forthcoming.

I did manage a few hours detecting yesterday and found these three nice old buckles and a Charles I Scottish twopence but with hands in danger of frostbite and my lightweight XP Deus detector becoming increasingly heavyweight from the coating of mud it was collecting from the bumpy ploughed surface it was more like an arctic trek than a springtime saunter.

That's not to say we have had a bad holiday. We've spent lots of time with the family and it has been wonderful seeing Rose who is a real character with bags of personality and a wicked sense of humour - we'll miss her and her mum and dad but we're sure to be back fairly soon.

Bad weather has given us plenty of time for reading and I've read these two. Gone Girl has been a sensation with rave reviews and I can understand why it has been so popular as it is a whodunnit with a difference and written in two very distinct voices. Sadly, although I appreciated the clever style of writing I found the story totally implausible and improbable and if I can't believe a story or believe in its characters it doesn't matter how well written it is, I can't recommend it.

On the other hand Ben Elton's Dead Famous, which was lent to me by a friend, is totally implausible and improbable but, being a satire, that's what it's meant to be. It's another whodunnit but it's so much more than that being a send up of the television industry and today's thirst for fame above all else. It's a damning exposure of the world or reality TV and, although it takes a while to get into the book, stick with it and you'll enjoy it.

We also managed to get to Dundee to see Jude Law's latest Side Effects. This is a very good if somewhat old fashioned thriller which reminded me of some of the old Hitchcock psychological movies. It's a clever plot which I won't go into to avoid spoiling it and it manages to keep the viewer guessing for most of the film. Gone Girl  (which is also being made into a film) attempts to do the same but falls down by making too many outrageous plot turns whereas Side Effects remains credible and feasible throughout. I don't think that the big screen is essential for this one and you may well want to enjoy it when it comes out on Sky or on DVD.

When we get back to Framingham tomorrow we'll find out what progress the landscape gardener has made. I've got a horrible feeling that, if he's had anything like the weather we've had, we're going to be disappointed.

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