Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Back In The World Of Low Speed Internet

I've not done much blogging over the last week as we're back in the caravan in beautiful St Andrews and that means an internet connection that is erratic at best and non-existent at worst. I suppose that reliable WIFI on a remote corner of a Scottish caravan park is a lot to ask but it's frustrating when you're using the web at reasonable speeds for five minutes and a few minutes later you haven't even enough bandwidth to download an episode of the Archers. Oh well, better not drone on about it as I've somehow got a signal (maybe the other users are having their tea).

This was the scene when we drew back the curtains on Monday morning. Panic set in. Not because we we're worried about getting about here in Scotland but because if it was like this in Framlingham too it was going to set the work on the garden back again and at the rate we're going it'll be June before it's finished by which time the whole neighbourhood will be fed up with us. Let's just hope that Framlingham conditions are at least workable on some level.

Despite the central heating in the caravan it was as cold as we've ever experienced here and when we woke up on Tuesday we awoke to no running water. The pipes had frozen somewhere and to make things worse I broke the frozen stopcock trying to make things safe. Hats off to the staff at Craigtoun Meadows who had us up and running and with a new tap in no time at all leaving me to head off to Edinburgh to join Marion who went ahead to meet Duncan and Rose.

We had a great day out in Edinburgh while Sarah was busy on a course. We joined Sarah for lunch at the famous and wonderful Valvona and Crolla wine merchants and delicatessen and then visited the fabulous National Museum Of Scotland where we only had time to take in a handful of the fantastic exhibitions including the super imagination room or Imaginarium for children (above) before a quick meal at The Scotsman and the train back to Leuchars.  

Phew I've managed to type that and upload the photos and I've still got a signal. Things are looking up.

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