Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Progress Of Sorts

Our mammoth home improvement project is still dragging on. It's more than two months since we moved into the new house (two months behind the original schedule) and we still feel like we are living on a building site. When we got the original quotes for the landscaping, replacement garden office and Marion's beach hut style potting shed we were expecting a completed job (bar planting) by early March. Things were running fairly smoothly and I posted photos of both the garden buildings nearing completion on this blog on 7th March.

In fairness to all involved, the quotes were based on the work being done in Suffolk not flipping Siberia and nobody could have forecast these conditions in late March. The completion of the buildings inevitably suffered a setback.

However, Paul from Anson Timberworks came today and added the final finishing touches to my garden office and Marion's shed. Anson have done a very good job and the new office is built to a far higher standard than the original (built by another company) which was finished in September and removed a month or so later after leaking badly. The new version seems to be more solid and, in addition, has a decent floor, LED lighting and some exterior weatherproof electrical sockets which were missing on the original. The only problem now is that we can't get to the office to put in the furniture and all our books that are intended to go inside and are still clogging our spare bedroom and the garage. 

As for the landscaping? We have finally got some decking installed (all seven runs of it). Unfortunately there still looks to be an awful long way to go and I wouldn't bet on it finishing before May despite Tony from DNA Landscaping's assurance that "there's not much left to do now".