Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What A Difference A Day Makes

If you read yesterday's blog post you will know the size of the task that we were facing at six o'clock last night. With the removal van due in less than thirty six hours the decorating was unfinished, the corner pillar cladding was missing, the kitchen and lounge were piled high with all sorts of paraphernalia and the curtains had not arrived. With our experience over the last few months, the odds were stacked against us and I had doubts that things would run to plan.

This was the lounge yesterday afternoon.

And then our excellent decorator Gerald Clements stepped in and cracked on with the wallpaper. (He had been delayed due to the leak that cropped up just before Christmas). Express Bi-folding doors pulled out all the stops and sent their fitting team all the way from Yorkshire to arrive by nine in the morning and complete the corner cladding. And our interior designer's curtain man came late in the morning and got started on the curtains and blinds. 

So, thanks to that amazing effort from them all and two hours cleaning from Marion (and to a lesser extent me)  here's how it looked at seven thirty p.m today.

Things were not quite as complete with the kitchen/diner but yesterday's mess (above) has improved significantly.

We're getting there.

Here are the dressing room and our bedroom with the blinds and curtains in place. 

The garden is looking like an archaeological dig but at least when the removal men turn up tomorrow they should be able to deliver without too much difficulty.