Tuesday, 22 January 2013

There Have Been Bad Days - There Have Been Good Days

Since we set out on our epic journey to our new retirement location there have been bad days (plenty) and there have been good days ( a few). Yesterday was most definitely a bad day with the deadline for leaving our rented cottage fast approaching and an ominous silence from the men working on the house when we asked if we'd still be okay to move in on Thursday.

But today wasn't one of those bad days. No, today was a good day, a very good day.

It started with a trip to the local shops for a few provisions and then I went and treated myself to a haircut. I used to go to a barbers in Southport but when I tried a few out in Scotland I wasn't particularly happy with the results and started to go to Marion's regular salon. And I must say that it was a very pleasant experience. So I started here in Framlingham with a visit to Carley Hill hair where I enjoyed the luxury of a shampoo and head rub followed by an excellent hair cut by stylist Emily while enjoying a good espresso and a biscuit - you don't get that at the barbers. I was very pleased with the result. Marion says it looks expensive but it certainly wasn't.

We've been tossing and turning a bit over the last few nights. Not simply because of the deadline but also due to the missing original oil painting I mentioned the other day. It's by Rebecca Lardner an artist that you will either love or hate. We spotted it a few years ago, liked it and bought it for a relatively modest sum but since then she has grown in popularity and her prints alone are selling for hundreds and originals in the low thousands. So we decided to tackle the only place we hadn't looked - the garage. It's packed high with all the office stuff but we somehow managed to tunnel into it and there in the middle of the garage was a box marked "Garden Figure And Painting". When they unloaded the men asked where to put the box marked "Garden Figure" without mentioning "And Painting"

So, at about 12 noon a very relieved me, crawled back out from under the boxes clutching my prize (nice haircut don't you think?)

And here it is back safe and ready to hang. We celebrated by going to The Crown and treating ourselves to a bite to eat.

We were now on a roll which got even better when the office suppliers emailed to agree a refund by Friday and, to put the icing on the cake, Gill from the kitchen suppliers told us that the fitting of the Corian work top would be completed today. Three lads drove up from Essex.

And there it was. Orwells are coming on Thursday to help us unpack the remainder of the boxes and, all being well, we'll be moving in. If only every day could have been like this one.