Saturday, 26 January 2013

Settling In

I am sorry that the photos on today's blog are on the small side but my trusty MacBook Pro packed up today and I'm having to blog using Marion's iPad and haven't quite got the hang of it yet. The Mac is booked in to the Apple store in Norwich on Monday and I hope it's not going to be away for too long. - since writing that I think I may have resolved the problem with the iPad but sadly not with the Mac

 This was the view from the dressing room as we woke up after our first night in the house. It's a beautiful location and you really couldn't wake up to a nicer outlook.

We had to be up early as Orwells were sending their team to finish off the kitchen. By 10 we had Jason, Wayne, Marina and Dot from Orwells, Jemima the designer, and two men from Iconic Homes on site plus another Orwells man in a van clearing up. To say that the house was pretty packed would be an understatement. Orwells pulled out all the stops and worked flat out to get things finished. They helped us to unpack our kitchen boxes while we had to go for doctors' appointments at our new surgery.

Here's how things looked when we got back. What a transformation! We saw the floor for the first time. My Mac failure means that I don't have photos of the hard working Orwells team. When the splashback is fitted and everything is completely finished I plan to devote an entire blog to Orwells. I can't recommend them enough.

Not content with simply providing us with a quite magnificent  kitchen, as they left, they presented us with this lovely hamper of local produce . We can't wait to sample it.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning, emptying boxes and setting up the broadband.

I mentioned Iconic homes earlier. Brooke (above) fitted a burglar alarm system while his colleague  Ian did the final connections to the surround sound system. The speakers look great and were chosen to be as unobtrusive as possible. 

With this being our last home (unless we end up in some sort of institution one day), we've pushed the boat out on technology and all the rooms are hard wired for broadband. So it was wonderful to have our daughter Sarah and Grandaughter Rose pop in  to see us via Skype.

The picture was extremely clear and now I've managed to work out how to upoad via the iPad you ca see just how clear.

Son Paul also popped up on Skype but by then the Mac had packed in and I haven't got the photo. Today we're settling in to Framlingham and hopefully having a very lazy day. I think we've earned it.