Thursday, 31 January 2013

We Got Our Money Back

If you have checked out this blog during the past few months you will be familiar with the problems that we encountered with our garden studio.

When we moved, we downsized quite significantly and there was going to be nowhere in the new house that we could use as an office. As I was planning to rewrite and eventually self publish my first novel I needed somewhere peaceful to get cracking and, as the garden was fairly big, we decided to look for a garden studio. We went to the Ideal Home Show in London and, after researching half a dozen or more stands we made a decision.

When it went up in September we were very happy with it.

It looked very good. But when it started to leak a few weeks later our architect checked out the roof.

We were shocked at his findings - this was an expensive purchase - it hardly looked it. 

To cut a long story short and avoid repeating what I've already said on the blog, the manufacturers removed the studio and promised a replacement before Christmas.

Here's the garden today. No sign of the replacement. We've been asking for our money back for several weeks and I'm delighted to say that the money has now cleared our account. It's been a huge setback - no chance of finishing my book (do I hear sighs of relief?) but we've appointed another company today and they are hopeful of getting the replacement office built quickly. I hope they do so that we can start to enjoy it and the garden in early spring. 

With the garden churned up like this I might give it a once over with the metal detector at the weekend.

Meanwhile Tony the landscaper has made good progress with the base for the decking and he finished with the digger and took it away today.

A beautiful house warming bouquet of flowers arrived from friends at the weekend and they look good for another week. Thank you Mark and Nita.