Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Still Living On A Building SIte

Although we've been living in the house for five days now and it's starting to look more like home, the work on the garden still makes it feel as if we are living on a building site.

Landscape gardener Tony is making good progress but all sorts of building materials keep arriving and he erected a mini marquee in the garden today to ensure that all his fresh concrete and block work stays dry. I noticed that one of the delivery drivers managed to churn up a big piece of grass alongside the pavement outside a neighbour's house - that's going to make us popular!  Tony has promised to put it right - sooner rather than later I hope.

I always feel that a house becomes a home when you start putting pictures up and we hung about eight paintings at the weekend and took three more to the picture framers here in Framlingham as the old frames weren't right for the new house. That leaves about twenty others for which we have nowhere to hang and we are, sadly, going to have to sell - one of the few negatives to downsizing.

It hasn't all been hard work since moving in. We managed a trip to see Les Miserables at the IMAX screen at Cineworld in Ipswich on Sunday. It's a fabulous spectacle (especially in IMAX). Although it isn't really our sort of movie, you have to admire the incredible cinematography. The singing is so so but Ann Hathaway is excellent and the young Daniel Huttlestone as child revolutionary Gavroche is outstanding and surely one to watch out for in future. Sacha Baron Cohen adds some light relief as the Faginesque landlord and I would certainly recommend a visit. We weren't familiar with the story and were surprised that the young revolutionary Marius, played by Eddie Redmayne, ended up living a life of luxury while all his mates got shot.

And yesterday we managed to get to Norwich to the Apple store after my MacBook Pro packed in. It wasn't a straightforward repair so we bought a replacement as it's over five years old and now I've got to try and transfer all the backed up files onto the new machine. Unfortunately, before I do that, I need to get into a box in the garage to find some old disks.

The words needle and haystack spring to mind.