Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The End Is In Sight

Five weeks to the day since Marion came home from her yoga class feverish and shivering, I am delighted to report that she is finally well again. She's not totally fit as the swine flu took a hell of a lot out of her and she still finds walking quite exhausting but the cough has gone, her complexion is back to normal and her energy is gradually returning. She's had a very peaceful ten days here in the caravan in St Andrews and is feeling very relaxed.

The weather has been kind during our stay and while much of the country suffered from storm Katie over the weekend this was the huge queue outside Jannetta's ice cream parlour on Easter Monday.

While Marion has been on the mend and putting her feet up with a good book I've been out on the bike four times so far. I've done some nice rides and travelled a fair distance. I managed to take a route along a road that was washed away two years ago during a heavy storm. It was my first time on this cycle route since that fateful night which saw a house on the road collapse.The new road (minus house) means that this waterfall is visible for the first time. 

What is also visible to the cyclist is roadside litter. I commented on Twitter on the trash along the verges on the A1 on the way here but when you are on a bike the amount of rubbish is more obvious and I am staggered to see how much detritus is ejected from cars. The moment you leave a built up area it seems to be open season for litter louts and even the most remote country lanes don't escape it. I have no idea who it is that is chucking such an amount of garbage but they clearly have no love for the countryside. Judging from the amount of fast food packaging, beer bottles and Irn Bru cans I can only deduct that it is an army of obese idiots who don't own a bin at home.

Living in Framlingham we are very lucky to be in one of the loveliest parts of the country. Having a caravan in St Andrews makes us doubly lucky and yesterday we were able to spend an hour with our Scottish granddaughters in the grounds of the ancient cathedral.

It's a wonderful place for children to explore in safety.

It's hard to believe that it is almost five years since Rose arrived and we bought the caravan

And two and a half years since little Melody joined us.

We're heading back to Suffolk at the weekend. We've lots of things on in the next few weeks. It looks like an eventful spring ahead of us and I'm delighted that it looks like Marion is going to be well enough to enjoy it.