Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Love A Duck

Before we left for Scotland we cleaned the garden decking of muddy prints left by some of the local wildlife but when we got back at the weekend there were plenty more. It didn't exactly take Sherlock Holmes to deduct who was the culprit as we followed the mucky trail into the garden borders.........

......where we discovered whodunnit. Not content with leaving us more cleaning she's built herself a nest in the middle of a lavender and is incubating a clutch of eggs. We hope that, once she's hatched them, she'll lead her ducklings to a more suitable home. Until then we're going to have to try and keep the mess down to a minimum.

Things would have been far simpler if they were this type of duck which Kent granddaughter Catherine enjoyed hooking when we visited her and her dad and little brother at the weekend. We went out to an enjoyable event in Chatham where we were entertained by a variety of musicians and sideshows.  

It was sad, as always to leave our Scottish family but we had a great time seeing Rose and Melody who are growing up so quickly.

It won't be long before Rose starts school. She and her mum and sister are coming to visit us in Framlingham soon. We can't wait to welcome them. Let's hope the weather's kind as there is plenty on over the Bank Holiday weekend.

It was certainly kind in St Andrews where we enjoyed some pleasant sunshine while Marion was recovering. I'm so pleased to report that she's better now. She's done a couple of classes at the gym and returned to the yoga class where her illness first showed itself six weeks ago.

Next time we're back in Fife we'll have to go back to The Seafood Restaurant. It's in such a magnificent position with the best views in St Andrews on a fine day.

The new car has arrived. It's the same model as the old one but in white instead of silver. They've done some tweaks to the shape and style and I really love the new look. It's also very comfortable which, in view of the pretty substantial mileage we do every year, is the main reason for buying it .

While we were away I put my first novel on free offer with Kindle for five days. The promotion saw it hit number three in the Amazon charts in the holidays category. I hope that all those who downloaded it enjoy it. I also hope that the people who volunteered to read my second novel have enjoyed it. Some of the comments I have received have included "Brilliant", "I couldn't put it down" and "I laughed loads" which is encouraging. I've also had some very constructive criticism. It's booked in to be professionally edited next week so I need feedback soon to make my volunteers' time  worth their while as the editor has given me a specific time slot. If you have a copy and can't give me feedback in time please let me know so that I can crack on with final revisions.