Thursday, 10 March 2016

A Swine Of An Illness

The doctor phoned this morning and told Marion that he had her test results. They confirmed the dreadful illness that she has been suffering from for the last few weeks as swine flu. As I've already said on an earlier blog, I have never seen Marion so ill in the almost fifty years that I have known her and seeing how seriously debilitating it was I now understand how people died from flu epidemics such as the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic (seriously). I am pleased to say that she has started to slowly recover and today, for the very visit time in two weeks, she left the house and walked into Framlingham where she enjoyed a cup of herbal tea in warm sunshine outside The Dancing Goat (whose takings must have plummeted recently).. 

Not only was it good for her to get a bit of fresh air, it was also nice for her to chat to several people we know who passed by. She has not spoken face to face to anybody other than me and medics for fifteen days. She felt tired by the time we walked home but her spirits were raised by a lovely delivery of flowers from our dear friends Jane and Dave and a potted plant from neighbours David and Valerie.  The warm messages that Marion has had from so many people have really cheered her up.  

You may think I'm making big fuss about a touch of flu but this was honestly something else.

While Marion has been convalescing I have been working on my second novel. It is now complete at 82,300 (ish) words and I asked people on Facebook to volunteer to test read it and give me feedback on how they feel about it. I have had a great response and am now eagerly awaiting their opinions. The book is intended to be an easy read so I hope that they will be able to get through it quickly.

I visited an artist in Lowestoft yesterday with a view to him designing artwork for a cover. I will wait for the readers'  feedback and any amendments suggested before deciding whether to go ahead and self publish (which will need a cover) or try to get a real publisher this time.