Monday, 21 March 2016

Convalescing In St Andrews

We’re up at the caravan in St Andrews after an uneventful and easy eight-hour drive yesterday. After Marion’s recent illness I was reluctant for her to share the driving but she insisted so we went to the excellent Farm Café at Marlesford at eight in the morning to make sure that she had a substantial breakfast to fortify her for the journey. She drove for the first four hours and, although she was shattered when we arrived at Scotch Corner, she had no problems. I think that we can consider the swine flu finally beaten now and this next couple of weeks will be a bit of convalescence for Marion.

When we arrived at the caravan we were greeted by some beautiful flowers and this cake decorated by the girls for Marion’s birthday. We popped in to see the family for an hour when we were unpacked. It was great to see them again – so many changes in Rose and Melody in just ten weeks.

On Friday evening we went to FRAm’s quiz at St Michael’s rooms and our team, Danbury Metal Detecting Club, actually won. It was a great all round performance. I hope that it raised a good sum towards the legal fees for the Fairfield Road and Mount Pleasant appeals. The target of over £24,000 is now almost in sight.

Saturday saw us saying goodbye to the car. We bought it shortly after we arrived in Suffolk and it’s been extremely comfortable to drive. We really need a decent car with a bit of luxury for all the miles (and hours) we do travelling to Scotland and to Kent so we’ve bought the same again and look forward to picking it up when we get back.

I bought Marion this giant urn for her birthday. It’s been in the window of H-P’s Emporium here in Framlingham for a few months and Marion was always admiring it. It’s a super shop and the owner Sara is incredibly helpful and wrapped it beautifully for me so Marion got a nice gift to unwrap instead of something that looked like a dog’s dinner.

I also bought Marion this oil painting by Lowestoft artist Mark Burrell. She loved it when we went to his exhibition in a Southwold Gallery last year so I contacted him after the show ended and he agreed to hold it for me until her birthday. We’ve got two of Mark’s paintings now and it makes a nice addition to our somewhat quirky art collection.

My £75 sub to Caravan Connect WIFI has expired and I’m umming and aaahing about renewing it. The service was totally unusable last time we were here so I’m not sure of the point. On the other hand, if it has, by any chance,  improved I can use WIFI from the comfort of the caravan and not sitting in the car outside the caravan site reception piggybacking onto their BT WIFI as I am now.