Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Still Waiting

There's still no sign of "Bob" so Marion and I remain at the caravan waiting to be scrambled when he or she finally decides to make a push for the outside world. It's been quite relaxing. We don't want to stray more than a few minutes drive away, so a cinema trip and bike rides of any distance have been out of the question. We have busied ourselves with visits to Sarah, taking Rose to her library book session and, of course, I've filled in time by doing some detecting just down the road.

I haven't found anything quite as nice as the medieval pendant I found a last week but I did find this great little medieval thimble on Sunday. The hole in the top signifies an early date and it's very rare to find a thimble like this in such good condition - they are usually crushed or broken by ploughs or combine harvesters. My contact at the Treasure Unit in Edinburgh is on holiday but I've emailed her with details of the finds (as per the law here in Scotland) and will post them to her when she is back. I imagine that they will return the few copper coins and the silver penny I found but will want to keep the pendant and the thimble along with other old pieces that I found in the same field last year. Although I would love to have them back I would rather they were on display for a wider audience.

I am having to write this from the caravan site laundrette as the WIFI in the caravan is so intermittent. It's sometimes excellent but often disappears completely. Laundrettes eh. I'm really living it up aren't I? 

Nothing else to write about apart from the wonders of converting Tesco points into Pizza Express vouchers (four times face value) which has resulted in us enjoying a surfeit of pizza over the last ten days (low calorie Legera mind). We've still got another sixty pounds worth of codes but you can have too much of a good thing and we may well save them for the future.