Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Wait Is Over

A very relaxing week reached an exciting climax yesterday when "Bob" decided it was time to make an entry into the world.

We had a big Scottish breakfast in Mitchells where we spent some time on the iPad checking out ideas for next year's holiday (we've decided to book a week's cycling tour in Provence in June followed by a week in a villa). We then cycled down to the harbour where they were holding a fete. 

It was a glorious day and Rose, Sarah and Duncan joined us before we headed back to the caravan site to sort out some laundry. There was no sign of "Bob" and Sarah had walked the two or more miles to the harbour without problem.

It was therefore a bit of a surprise when Duncan phoned us at around five to ask if Rose could join us at the caravan for the night. His timing was perfect. The tumble dryers had just stopped turning so we hurriedly emptied them out, and headed to their house. 

Just after six Duncan and Sarah set out on the half hour trip to the hospital in Dundee and "Bob" arrived in the world at 6.45, just ten minutes after they got to the hospital - a very close call. As for "Bob" who weighed just under 8 lbs, "Bob"'s a girl. She hasn't got a name yet so she'll have to be Bob for another couple of days. 

We decided that a toast was appropriate so Rose had some with butter while Marion toasted the baby with a glass of champagne. Just as I was raising my own glass, Duncan phoned and asked if I could meet him with the baby's car seat as they were heading home. So off I headed towards Dundee and met him at the Tay Bridge before heading back to the caravan. I believe that the family were home before midnight.

The caravan site is a very tranquil place. At times I think you can hear the spiders spinning their webs but for one night only the university had taken over the adjoining park and were holding some sort of rock night that went on until - not exactly the best conditions for a toddler to sleep on such an important night. But Rose coped well and managed a good sleep.

So the wait is over. Someone in the family described her as a McDonalds Drive Thru baby which I thought was very funny. We're looking forward to getting to know our little Mac. If she's anything like our other two granddaughters she's going to be absolutely lovely.