Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Introducing Melody

Three days after "Bob" arrived, I called in on Sarah and family this morning and asked if any decision had been made on a name for granddaughter number three. "Julia" piped in Rose. "Very nice" I said but seeing the puzzled look on her daddy's face I asked if she was sure. "Samantha" she said to the equal bemusement of Duncan who asked her to tell me the real name. "Melody" said Rose. This name wasn't denied by the family although they aren't yet decided if it's going to be just Melody or, like Rose, there will be a middle name too. Whatever it ends up I'm sure that you will agree that she's a very bonny little girl. Sarah tells me that she's a very hungry little person and is feeding and sleeping well.

Let's hope that her sleeping well continues as Rose has never been been a heavy sleeper and the last thing that the family will want is two early risers. Marion is very disappointed that, after waiting here in the caravan for over two weeks for the baby to arrive, she has now gone down with some sort of nasty bug that means that she is losing her voice. The last thing Melody needs is a contagious Nanny so Marion is confined to barracks here at Craigtoun where I am keeping her company. I hope that she gets well soon as she is looking forward so much to a planned overnight stay for Rose at the caravan at the weekend. 

Fortunately I feel okay so I have been able to visit. I know that all new babies are tiny and now that I have three grandchildren I should not be surprised by this fact but it's still an amazing feeling picking up a new baby for the first time. It's something I will never tire of. I wonder if I will still be around to have this feeling again with a great grandchild. Or maybe there will be yet more grandchildren in the future.

Speaking of other grandchildren, I got a brilliant video from Paul at the weekend. Catherine celebrated Melody's arrival by walking for the first time - magic.