Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I suppose that I'm really tempting fate with a headline like that but the sun shone today and that meant that Tony, our near live-in landscape gardener, was able to make some progress with the never ending garden job. We went for a walk to keep out from under his feet and the town looked lovely in the sunlight (even if the wind was cutting through us like a knife).

Here's how things looked when we got back.

There's a lot more decking in place although it's not all screwed down yet.

And things look a lot tidier now that much of the heavy equipment has been moved out of the way.

The idea is for the garden to blend in with the lounge and you can just about see the effect starting to take place in this photo. Tony thinks he'll be finished with the back garden this week and the planned planting can start on Monday and he can get cracking on the front but I still think that he's being unduly optimistic.

We had a lovely Easter weekend with family visiting us in Framlingham for the first time when Paul, Josephine and Catherine came to stay. It was fantastic to see them and we enjoyed a great lunch at The Lemon Tree on Saturday as well as an excellent roast dinner at home on Sunday. Sadly the stay was over all too quickly but it was wonderful to have them and fantastic to see little Catherine developing so quickly - she's a gorgeous little thing. 

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