Thursday, 11 April 2013

Greetings From The Garden

It's many months behind schedule but I'm finally using the garden office as I write. I should be looking out onto the beautifully planted new garden which was scheduled to be completed this week. 

But you didn't expect things to run to schedule did you? No, the landscape designer is currently in quarantine in case he is carrying the Norovirus so we won't see him or the huge quantity of plants we've ordered until next week and I have to look out onto the mud that we've lived with since January. I know that the snow has set things back by weeks but it's really becoming a drag now.

Tony completed the steps to the office today but his plasterer didn't turn up to look at the plastering needed before the landscaping is finished.

And without the plasterer the steps can't be finished. I've experienced nothing like this before on any of the home improvement projects we've done. It almost feels as if we're in the manana culture of Spain instead of the go ahead county of Suffolk.

At least Marion and I have been able to get our bit of the job done (on time please note).

Marion did all the months of filing yesterday and then we added the finishing touches to the office by hanging a few paintings, getting all the books onto the shelves and taking all the boxes to the recycling centre.


I think it's looking pretty good. And it's quite warm in here too, the heating has not been on and it's 6.30pm as I write.

I'll close today with the excellent news that Sky's A League Of Their Own,  the format created by our son Paul, has been nominated for a BAFTA in the entertainment category. I'm sure that it's just the first of many nominations that he will get in a glittering career. Hope we get to see him on the telly wearing a dinner jacket.