Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Busy Few Days In The Office

The sun shone on us here in Framlingham over the weekend and the castle looked stunning against a backdrop of powder blue sky and fluffy white clouds as we headed to the market on Saturday to stock up on provisions.

Sadly we weren't able to spend much time lazing in The Crown, the Lemon Tree or The Dancing Goat as we were finally able to get into the garage and start to move the furniture and boxes that have been stored there since early January and carry them out into the garden office. We were also able to empty the small bedroom and start preparations to make it a room for the grandchildren.

By Sunday afternoon we had managed to carry all of these boxes and all of this furniture into the garden room. It was hard work lugging all this - we are not as young as we were and we spent much of the time cursing the suppliers of the original office. If they had done a proper job our removal people could have carried this lot out into the garden for us in January. 

On Monday we spent the day in Rochester looking after our granddaughter Catherine while Paul and Josephine went to the filming of Josephine's latest 12 Yard Show for ITV. Catherine was an angel. We took her to her swimming lesson and had a fabulous day with her. 

Today it was back to the hard graft as we moved around all the the furniture we had carried and set it into position. We had to rebuild some of it and also empty all the boxes of books.

We've not quite finished but It's a lot straighter than it was and, when we've sorted out the iPod dock and ten months' worth of filing tomorrow, the office should finally be ready to be used.

If we're lucky Tony will finish the decking outside the office soon. He's made a very good start on it.

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