Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I'm Front Page News

Okay so it isn't The Times or The Guardian but it was nice to be featured on the front page of this week's Cumberland & Westomorland Herald. They were reporting farmer John Slack and my donation of the Roman gold I found to the Penrith And Eden Museum. 

Here's a close up of the article

The story even featured on the BBC's website - so fame indeed and a bit of positive publicity for an often misunderstood hobby.

Meanwhile back in Framlingham the glorious weather has meant that the decorator and the landscape gardener have managed to keep things moving and today we got home to find that we now have a pergola and that two thirds of the decorating of the outside of the house is complete.

We've been so concerned about the effect that the constant work going on at the house for nine months has had on the neighbours that we ordered some apology cards from MoonPig. I delivered them this evening with a nice box of chocolates from the excellent Leo's Deli to twenty four of the houses that have had to put up with passing the mess and listening to the constant banging, drilling and grinding since August. I've had three or four thank you's already so, hopefully, the gesture has been well received.

Despite the weather being fabulous today we couldn't enjoy the garden due to the work so we walked down to the Castle Inn and had a drink in the sunshine and read our Kindles. We would rather have been at home but at least we had somewhere pleasant to sit within five minutes walk.

I was watching BBC1's misery Sunday night drama The Village earlier and couldn't help thinking that the actor playing the detective Bairstow was the son of another, older, actor as he looked so much like that actor as I remembered him about thirty years ago. Sure enough a quick Google turns up that he is Joe Armstrong and his dad is, of course Alun Armstrong.