Sunday, 2 December 2012

Well Done Old Course Hotel

I've mentioned the super St Andrews festival that's been running across the town several times on the blog this week and today it ended for us with a great afternoon at The Old Course Hotel. Having stayed at The Old Course quite a few times we know that they do things well and it was no surprise to us that their Christmas Emporium was a wonderful afternoon of family entertainment. We started with mulled wine and mince pies, listened to a local choir singing carols, took Rose to see if she wanted to see Father Christmas (she didn't), bought some bits and pieces from the festive market and then sat in the fabulous boardroom for a wine tasting and ordered a case of excellent wine for Christmas dinner. There was plenty more that we didn't see (such as cake decorating and cocktail making demonstrations). And how much did we have to pay for such a pleasant afternoon? Nothing, zilch, nada - it was all put on by The Old Course who deserve a feather in their cap for doing things so well. (Other hotels in the town please note).

A Wine Tasting With A View

We only managed to get to a fraction of the week's events and are sorry that we missed the choral concerts and performing arts but there's always next year. Well done to the festival organisers for providing such a varied programme. 

It was yet another sunny day in the town and the "Chariots Of Fire" beach looked spectacular against a background of snow capped hills.

We passed the old town walls at just the right time to catch this shadow before the sun went down.

 I know I'm starting to sound like a stuck record but St Andrews really is a brilliant place.