Saturday, 22 December 2012

Still Standing

As the deluge continues unabated (it's been raining for three days now) the river Eden down the road near Dairsie has broken its banks and what is normally lush green pasture is now a raging torrent and the garden of the house by the bridge has disappeared.

Fortunately for us the caravan has weathered the storm well and we have escaped unscathed although the adjacent trees have sometimes swayed to a perilous angle in the wind. 

We're off to the Seafood Restaurant for lunch. If it were high tide we would have a spectacular view but the tide should have turned by 1 o'clock and we won't be dining in a maelstrom. 

Marion loves Christmas and our house in Southport was always packed with lights, candles, presents, trees and decorations. It's not something she could do in the caravan so our only nod to the festive season is a few glittery twigs amongst the flowers. At least Sarah and Duncan and Paul and Josephine have continued Marion's tradition and their houses are both beautifully decorated for the holidays.

We've been busy assembling one of Rose's Christmas presents this morning. She can't read the blog yet so I'm not spoiling her surprise. I think it's lovely. Hope she likes it.