Saturday, 1 December 2012

Shiny Happy People In St Andrews

30th November has meant nothing to me over the last fifty eight years but living in St Andrews for the past few months has given it a real significance and last night the town celebrated St Andrew's day in true style. We started at 6.30 p.m. with a torchlight procession led by a local pipe band from the town centre to just in front of The Old Course Hotel for a short but very enjoyable fireworks display. As soon as the fireworks finished the band struck up again and the procession returned by the same route to witness the lighting of the town's minimalist Christmas lights.

As the pipers finished playing Scotland The Brave they signalled the Nae 4 Wimps ceilidh to start up and the streets filled with happy people of all ages dancing their hearts out in a joyous celebration. Having two left feet I didn't have the confidence to join in but the music was foot tappingly infectious and the crowd exuded a tremendous spirit of enjoyment (and not a hint of alcohol to fuel the revelry).

It was a huge disappointment that Sarah, Rose and Duncan were not able to make it to the event. I'm sure that they would have had a fabulous time and Sarah, with her dancing expertise, could have shown us the steps.

And Rose wold have been fascinated by some of the groups of students who attended in a variety of outrageous outfits. A hugely successful event.

As the outdoor ceilidh drew to a close we headed down the road to an art exhibition at the super Fraser Gallery. It was opening night for a show by Scottish artist David Mackie Cook and we enjoyed a warming glass of mulled wine before viewing four rooms of wonderful paintings. We loved the art on show and couldn't resist buying this painting The White Hoose for the house in Framlingham.

That means that we've got two paintings from the gallery as souvenirs of our stay in this wonderful little place.

I'll leave you with three early morning St Andrew's day photos.