Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Trying Time Ahead

With our move to Suffolk planned for around 14 January we’ve plenty going on in the forthcoming weeks so the summons that arrived this morning for Marion to appear as a witness in a Scottish court early in the new year was not exactly welcome. The case dates back to a fraud we experienced almost three years ago. Let’s hope that it doesn’t throw a spanner into the works of the house move.

It’s almost a week now since the WIFI signal at the caravan site disappeared and, although the service provider Caravan Connect tell us that they are working on it and parts are on their way, with the caravan site office closing on Friday we are facing an internet free Christmas – that means almost no Twitter , no metal detecting forums, no eBay, no Facebook – I’ll probably realise how much time I waste on them all. I’m only able to upload this blog as I’m babysitting for Sarah and Duncan. Tonight is the last chance for them to take advantage of our proximity for a week or so as we’re off on another tour tomorrow.

As it’s below freezing here at the moment we need to drain down the caravan completely and then put antifreeze into the u bends and toilet bowls to make sure that we don’t return to the disaster of cracked pipes. After that we’re off to Southport. We were hoping to have a meal with my mum, my brother Pete and his wife Val but Val is ill so that’s not going to happen. At least we should get to see Mum and to exchange family Christmas presents before heading down to Framlingham to catch up on the house – there should be some pretty significant changes as it’s almost a month since our last trip.

After that we’re back here in St Andrews this time next week for a relaxing Christmas before hitting the road again to Rochester after Boxing Day and hopefully dropping in on a few friends between then and the new year prior to heading back to Framlingham to oversee some wardrobes being fitted there on 3rd Jan.    

Yesterday we used a wonderful treat that Sarah and Duncan bought me for my birthday and enjoyed a fabulous champagne afternoon tea at Rufflets – a lovely country house hotel just outside St Andrews. Although we only ate an early morning breakfast and had no lunch we still struggled to finish the magnificent late afternoon feast. There are so many great places to eat and drink in and around St Andrews. Although there are many places worthy of a mention, we like Mitchells best for snacks or coffee and cakes and The Seafood Restaurant for fine dining. We’ve got a lunch booked there on the Saturday before Christmas and are really looking forward to it.