Thursday, 1 November 2012

Poorly In St Andrews

I mentioned on my last blog that Rose and Duncan had been unwell at the weekend. Little Rose's sickness lingered on for a few more days and sadly Marion came down with the same virus (we assume it's a virus) on Tuesday night when she was violently sick. Although we've been happy in the caravan during our three and a half months so far, it's not the ideal place to be ill and poor Marion has been very uncomfortable trying to convalesce. Fortunately she seems to be on the mend now and has managed to eat a bowl of soup and a slice of bread today after nothing to eat at all yesterday. I hope that she's fully recovered tomorrow in time for our trip down to Southport and our short break in Cumbria.

All Sarah's work in making Rose's Halloween outfit was wasted when the little witch couldn't go to the party in case she's still got the virus. I think you'll agree she makes a very wicked witch with her scary face. Down in Rochester our granddaughter Catherine also dressed for the event. She was a formidable pirate complete with cutlass, bandana and a magnificent pirate hat.

With Marion feeling a little better this morning I went out with the detector for a few hours. My favourite field has been planted with a crop of wheat so I can't go there again for some time. I had a choice of mud or stubble to walk over.

Neither was perfect. The mud was heavy and difficult to walk on while the stubble was easy to walk on but difficult to swing the detector low enough to find anything. 

Although there's nothing much here, it's another thirty or so bits of metal recovered. The five coins range from late Georgian to Elizabeth II but all, including the Victorian sixpence, are in poor condition. There are four buttons from about the same date range - the rest is junk. Despite the paucity of finds it was a beautiful late autumn day of sunshine and four hours of fresh air.

We did some more work planning the house today and agreed the final fitted wardrobe layout, ordered the last of the light fittings and chose the paint colours for the kitchen, hall, lounge and cloakroom. Tomorrow we're getting ready for the trip to England. We're looking forward to it.